Tagaste Madrid Student House internal regulation

Cohabitation rules and Internal Regulation summary. 2020-2021


  • Residents should create a bank transfer to pay monthly; the Student House will charge the receipt within the first 10 days of each month and for entire months.
  • At the end of the academic year, and in order to recover the deposit, the residents should leave their room how they found it. After confirming this, the deposit will be refunded through the bank or entity used by the resident or the deposit payer, and according to the internal procedures of the Student House and in accordance with the European system S.E.P.A. The deposit will only be refunded if the resident does not cause any damage during the academic year and after their total check - out. This deposit will be totally lost if the student renounces their room before the end of the term or is involved in a disciplinary expulsion.
  • The student’s fee is payable once a month during nine months: since 1st September (Bologna Plan) or 1st October (other plans).
  • Any resident who delays a monthly payment will be notified and will cause deregistration from the Student House after two unpaid months. However, Direction will consider any personal inconvenience that may have happened.
  • Casual guests of the Student House will be considered as former students or temporary residents. Both categories are ruled by the existing internal rules.
  • The Student House will not be responsible about any stolen object in their rooms; nor will store belongings of residents during summer.


Rights of the residents:

  • Equal access to the Student House services and resources.
  • Receive respectful treatment on part of the Student House team.
  • Submit suggestions, requests and / or complaints to Direction.
  • Be informed about any issue that could affect their stay in the Student House.

Duties of the residents:

  • Assume and follow decisions and rules of Direction.
  • Act responsibly and politely, respecting freedom and well – being of others, making easier the cohabitation and study atmosphere.
  • Complete the individual interviews established by Direction.
  • Respect dignity of the staff.
  • Use the facilities and material provided to residents correctly.
  • Deliver documents required by Direction.
  • Sign properly all entries and exits at Reception Desk.
  • Maintain arranged their room.
  • Be conscious about personal hygiene and be properly dressed in common areas.

Other rules

  • Every meeting should be authorized and approved by Direction and, if necessary, Direction would be permitted to attend the meeting.
  • Every use of the name, badge or corporate image of the Student House should count on the express approval of Direction.
  • Forbidden any type of hazing:
    • Any treat to new students that could establish hierarchy or superiority, or an inappropriate distancing between young people.
    • Force physically or psychologically the new residents to do any activity without their consent, against their dignity or human rights, or simply they do not want to do it.
  • It is not allowed drugs and alcohol beverages consumption or possession.
  • It is forbidden to smoke inside the Student House building.
  • Interactions with the staff will be limited to what is necessary and should be done with the utmost respect and politeness.

Entries and Exits from the Student House

  • For security reasons, at 11:15 pm the Student House door will be locked, considering as “Night Entries” entries after that hour.
  • Entries or exits after that time will be registered in “Entries and Exits Register” at Reception Desk.
  • Any resident who spend the night out of the Student House must note it in “Entries and Exits Register”, at Reception Desk.
  • Minors require a family authorization for nights out and / or to spend the night out of the Student House.


  • Residents may have guests between 9 am and 11 pm. During this timeframe it is possible to access with guests to the Student House facilities, but it should be filled a formal form at Reception Desk. Residents will be responsible of the permanent accompanying, behavior and attitude of their guests.
  • It will not be allowed to anyone (resident or not) to access and be in a resident’s room while the resident is away (except cleaning and maintenance service). It is also prohibited that these people share these rooms with residents.

Common areas

  • Common areas will be available to residents until 11:30 pm
  • Common areas such as library and study rooms will be available to residents 24/7

Tagaste Madrid Student House General Services.

  1. Joining Madrid Student House, each resident must check in their room if there is any furniture, facilities or electricity and water service imperfection or damage, informing Reception Desk.
  2. The Student House does not provide any car parking to residents.
  3. Madrid Student House does not provide medical services to residents.
  4. It is forbidden furniture change in common areas and rooms, neither to hang objects on the walls, doors or windows.
  5. It is forbidden the usage of electronic devices in rooms or other areas, except computers, printers, mobile phones and personal hygiene devices.
  6. For sanitary reasons, it is not allowed to have plants or animals inside the rooms.
  7. Residents will inform Reception Desk about any imperfection or damage that could happen. Residents will be responsible of imperfections in facilities and furniture (of rooms or common areas) produced during their academic year, being possible to subtract the reparation costs from the deposit.
  8. Room cleanliness will be made once a week. Residents must leave their rooms before 10 am, making easier the cleaning service. The resident must stay out of the room while the cleaning service is being completed.
  9. Newspapers and magazines in common areas are for common use of all residents, and it is forbidden to extract or damage them.
  10. At the end of the resident stay and once it is delivered the key, every object forgotten inside their rooms will be discarded.
  11. It is forbidden the use of electronic devices susceptible of interfering in the proper functioning of the Student House telecommunication system.

Dining room

  • Dining room is self-service, except in case of disease, which will require a prior authorization of Direction. For sanitary reasons, it is absolutely forbidden to serve meals outside the dining room or take away meals.
  • To maintain the order of service in the dining room, rearranging the tables and adding elements such as chairs to the arrangement already available in the dining room would be avoided .
  • In case of temporary or permanent disease, and authorized by Direction, Governance will provide the medical diet prescribed to the resident by the doctor.
  • Residents must leave dining room maximum 15 minutes after the end of food service, except under extenuating circumstances. Because of the reasons listed above, it is possible to request for a meal pack (picnic) in advance for its preparation.
  • Any resident wishing to invite someone to eat in our dining room should pay beforehand the corresponding ticket at Reception Desk at the current cost for each academic year.

Disciplinary rules

  • Discipline corresponds to the Director, in collaboration with the governing team.
  • Residents will present, every four months or when requested by Direction, their grades and course registration.
  • Offenses are classified in: minor errors and serious errors.

Minor errors:

  1. Keeping for personal use any object destined to common use, out of the prescribed schedule.
  2. Use of common areas or services out of the prescribed schedule.
  3. Abuse, malpractice, irresponsible behavior and bad use of the Student House areas.
  4. Unauthorized group activities organization inside the Student House.
  5. Any other offense considered by Direction that could disturb the communal living, normal functioning and / or the Student House organization.

Serious errors:

  1. Any individual or collective act that attempts against our residents or staff dignity.
  2. The lack of respect to any person due to their nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, ideology, beliefs, profession or other discriminatory reasons.
  3. Alcoholic beverages consumption or possession. Beverages will be confiscated.
  4. Unjustified absence to appointments or meetings of governing teams.
  5. Access to a resident room with no consent or in their absence, or let an external person to do it.
  6. Disobedience to the orders of Direction.
  7. Cause serious variations on the Student House different areas.
  8. Persistence in the unsatisfactory dedication to studies.
  9. Try and / or permit that an invited guest spends the night at the Student House.
  10. Vandalism on the Student House property.
  11. Any other offense considered as such by Direction.

It could be a cause of temporary or permanent >expulsion:

  1. Drugs traffic, consumption or possession, and alcohol massive overconsumption inside the Student House.
  2. Three minor errors already punished, or one / two serious errors, considered by Direction.
  3. Any other behavior that could be considered as an offense or classified as crime by Spanish legal system.

Further information

Proceeding rules do not attempt to our residents duties; they are practical examples about the demanded behavior we ask for in our Student House.
The resident hereby confirms having read and accepted the terms in this present document, understanding that this set of rules can be modified by the Student House Direction, in which case it will be notified to the resident when appropriate.


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